Lesbian With Mom In Uncontrollable Days

Hi all am Hema from Bangalore. This is not my story.If there is any wrong in my writing or my language please dont mind , this happened to my friend , am sharing with you.Let me tell about my friend Gavya , me and Gavya are close friends from school. This incident happened to her when she was in her mother home.

Gavya is a fair girl with innocent character. She’s married to a business man and blessed with a son.Everything was normal until her husband got a job in us and left there.He comes only month in a year.Now there are only Gavya his mom and her son living in their house. Her father had died when she was doing her school.

Days passed they were living a peaceful life until one day Gavya had a severe pain in her stomach.She took tablets but it was of no use.Then her mom suggested to go to hospital.They visited the hospital at morning and waited to see the doctor.After some time there came a fair old lady with a doctor coat in her hand.They told her the problem.

She took her inside inspected everything and came to know it is due to lack of sex. Since her husband is out of town for long time she was not having sex.The doctor advised her to talk to her husband and ask him to return. They came home she talked to her husband regarding the issue but he was not in a situation to come home. At night she was thinking about it and was feeding her baby , she cannot feed her baby properly , she started to get pain in her chest.

She shouted in pain and her mom came to her room , and she saw Gavya shouting in pain. To help her relieve pain her mom started to massage her chest. Still now she was not having any bad intention over her mother but once her mom started massaging she was slowing started to feel the pleasure then pain. Her pain got reduce , she went to sleep. During night she couldnt sleep properly she remembered the pleasure when her mother touched her chest.She got aroused and started to press her boobs over her nighty and her other and went down to her pussy.

Within a minute she got her organism and slept in that position.Then she got into a conclusion to find a women to satisfy her instead of going on to another man as she thought it as a sin.She went to doctor the next day and told her that her husband couldn’t come. Doctor dont know what to do. Gavya came home and when she saw her mother she was in mind set to seduce her and have pleasure as she have no other option.

Her mother is a sexy lady in her 40s. During night Gavya made a plan and again shouted in pain. Her mother came and asked her

Mom : what happened.

Gavya : pain in chest please massage me like yesterday.

Mom : k dear you sleep I will massage.

This time Gavya removed her nighty and asked her to massage her boobs. Her mom was in shock but Gavya convinced her saying that it gives relief more quickly. After a minute Gavya started to feel the pleasure and started to moan.She slowly moved her hands close to her mom and pressed her legs tightly. Her mom thought that she was in pain. Then she slowly massaged her mom legs she could not find any reaction in her mom face.

Next day she made a plan and told her mother she feel lime something struck in her pussy and she couldnt bear it. Her mother got shocked and asked her to show her pussy. She lifted her nighty up and showed her wet pussy lips. Her mother tried brought some water and tried to clean it so that she could be ok.

When she poured water and started to clean ot with her hands gavyya was in heaven. Gavya now inserted her finger inside her pussy and acted as if she trying to find solution.After a minute she took out her hand and told her mother that she couldnt make it deep inside and asked her mother to insert her hand. Her mom do not know what to do , hesitatingly inserted her middle finger inside to help her daughter.

She slid her hand inside easily as Gavya juice was flowing through it. She made pushed it inside and outside to check anything is there. Gavya started to moan louder and she held her mom’s boobs and started to press it hard. Her mom shocked and moved back.Gavya told that as she couldn’t control her feelings he hold it and asked her mother to continue. ‘

Since her father died long back her mother didn’t had sex for  long time. Now Gayva started to press her mom boobs and pinched her nipples over her saree. Her mother got aroused. Gavya now moved forward and kissed her mother lips.It continued for a minute.Then she quickly started to undress her mom. Opened her bra and licked her nipples.Her mom fully surrendered her to Gavya.

Now she moved her mom face to her pussy and asked her to suck them. She inserted her finger deep inside her pussy and felt the pleasure she was lacking for a long time.They had a great pleasure during that night.Morning when she woke up with her mom sleeping nude near her. She hugged her and and kissed her all over her and her mom started to lick her boobs.

This continue for long , until her husband arrived.I will tell in the next part that how they had threesome and enjoyed their sexual life forever. If you like this please mail your valuable comments and suggestion to : hemaapriya.p@gmail.com. Please don’t message in wrong way, I don’t like chatting with a unknown persons.

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